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Hello everyone,

The Kitabu-Buk Project is a locally registered Non-Governmental Organisation in Uganda registration number-10990. We are a youth led organisation that advocates for quality education through book donation and advocacy.

We have donated over 2000 text books and 5000 scholastic materials to seven schools in Uganda.. These schools include: St. Joseph’s Kirinya, Uganda School of the Deaf Ntinda, Naguru Katali Primary school in Central Uganda and Aliwang Primary School and Adwari Senior Secondary School in Northern Uganda, St. Charles' Lwanga, Zoroom Primary School and Bulembia Primary School in Western Uganda.

Kitabu-buk project was founded on the premise that Ugandans can help fellow Ugandans. Instead of throwing books, pen and pencils that we are not using, we collect them and donate them to children that need them. We are aiming at improving the lives of children at school in Universal Primary Education and Universal Secondary Schools where students cannot afford to buy such materials.

I founded this organisation to prove that the youth are leaders of today, we just need to exploit our resources effectively for that to happen. Our first donation was literally got from books that were lying in our house. I told my friends, Ameso Angela- the co-founder and Brenda Ajok and we successfully held our first donation and encouraged students to stay in school.

I had never imagined that months later, our organisation would grow to impact over 3000 students across Uganda. We could never be where we are without a team’s effort.

Thanks to the founding members Ameso Angela, Brenda Ajok, Hilda Kironde, Chris Agira, Opio David and Maggie Tamale. We would like to thank our sponsors Mk Publishers, World Vision, Nabisunsa Girl’s School, the directors of Apple Kid’s Nursery School, our partner-UNITED partnerships and all our individual donors. We are eternally grateful.

We are a living example that the youth are the leaders of today and can change our nation for the better. We hope to inspire and impact more children across the country and the globe!


Brownie Ebal

Founder and Executive Director Kitabu-Buk Project

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