Transforming lives at Ousia Primary School, Kabermaido, Uganda

Kitabu-Buk Project at Ousia Primary School, Kabermaido
Students of Ousia Primary School with the Kitabu-Buk Project officials
Headteacher Ousia Primary School recives the books.
Ms. Angela Ameso addressing students at Ousia Primary school

The school has a student population of 550 students with 8 teachers , 2 female and 6 male.On 30th August, 2016, the school was supported by Kitabu-Buk Project, where the organization donated a total of 217 text books and 763 scholastic materials including 500 branded pens from COCO MAT -Netherlands.

The donation event was graced by Kitabu-Buk Project officials, Ms. Brownie Ebal, the Executive Director, Ms. Angela Anyolo, the Deputy Executive Director and Sarah Zawedde, a volunteer with the organization.

The guest of honour was Reverend James Edoki, the parsih priest. The Chairman Parents Teachers Association (PTA), Mr. Oboi Joseph also graced the event. The donation was received by the headteacher of the school Miss Florence Aguti who thanked the organization for selecting Kitabu-Buk Project as its 12th beneficiary.

The pupil swere also engaged in career guidance and advocay talks to encourage them stay in school. Some of the challenges raised by both the students and teachers include; no accomodation for the teachers, the school has no library and just has a few shelves and lack desks for the students to sit on. The students were also asked on why education is important to them. Some responded saying it helps them get to the university, to get knowledge,

To learn and enable them achieve their future goals. For Agono Hellen, Education is important to her because it teaches her good morals. Various students highlighted what they wanted to be in future and several said they wanted to be teachers, nurses, policemen.

The students were encouraged to stay in school so as to reach their future goals and avoid bad peer groups. They were also encouraged to work hard in class and find mentors to copy after to help them reach their life career goals. The children expressed their graditude to Kitabu-Buk Project for the books donated and the sanitary towels that would solve their problems of no books and girls staying out of school due to menses.

                 The Guest of Honour, Reverend James Edoki, remarked;

   '' Special thanks to the Kitabu team, PTA members, staff and students who have come today'' I thank the youth for trying to uplift the standards of the school with the support of the variety of the items we have received today. We hope God can bless the organization to continue with this work  and come back to meet us again.

The Reverend then gave a closing prayer to end the event.

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