KITABU-BUK PROJECT supports Kiwuliriza Primary School, Kampala-Uganda

Donation event at Kiwuliriza Primary school at Namuwongo, Kampala
Students holding some of the donated items

Pupils of Kiwuliriza Primary school have been the 16th beneficiary of Kitabu-Buk Project since its inception in August 2014.

Kitabu-Buk Project on the 23rd February 2018 donated 177 text books to Kiwuliriza Primary School in Nawuwongo surbub, Kampala-Uganda. The event was graced by 250 students, 20 teachers and about 40 parents. The donation therefore impacted over 300 people from the area.

The school is located in one of the best slums in Uganda. It serves to enanle these less fortunate children in re-writing their story. The school is not only a ray of hope to the children but to the parents as well.

Kiwuliriza was founded in 1870 as an adult education center and was fully incorported as a students learning school in 2003. The school had no library and therefore the book to pupil ratio is very low. The school only had curriculum books which were used by teachers.This therefore makes the student's learning very difficult as teachers can noy properly engage the students during classes.

The Guest of Honor for the event was Ms. Hellen Oneka, the vicar, St. Paul,Kiwuliriza, C.O.U. Also in attendance was the canon, Mima Joyce and the chairman school management committe.

The event was opened by welcome remarks from the headteacher who introduced the Kitabu team. Ms Angela Anyolo and Opio David led advocacy lessons and encouraged the students to stay in class. The students also expressed the challenges they face in school. Thes included lack of text books to read from, lack of school and high rate of HIV/AIDs prevalence.

Ms Angela also encouraged the students to stay in school through her personal story, she said

'' You can only be who you want to be if you saty in school, have a role model whom to copy after. I was once like you, I sat under a tree for a classroom, wrote on the floor for a book because I had no where to write. I therefore encourage you to stay in school. I am here with Kitabu-Buk Project to encoyage and motivate to stay in school and learn new concepts. Education is a bridge to a better life.''

The event aslo attracted partner Organizations such as Girl Tomorrow and Child Mothers Iniatative-Uganda represented by Whitney Achieng and Jennifer Achiro respectively who also double as the founders under the Young African Leaders Iniatative (YALI) Mandela Washington Fellowship. They all took turns and encouraged the students to stay in school and pursue their dreams.

In her closing remarks, the guest of honour stated that,

''kitabu-Buk Project should replicate the same event in the neighbouring needy schools as soon as possible. In Uganda, it is very intriguing and touching seeing young people like the Kitabu-Buk project so energetic, passionate and committed to making a difference in the lives of many less disadvantaged students. The event is being held under the theme- Youth contribution to Uganda education sector which perfect describes their activities. Thank You Kitabu.''


YALI fellows with the students

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