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October 30, 2015


Kitabu-Buk project on 201th October 2015, held a donation event at Bulembia primary school , Kasese. This particular Primary school is located in the foot slopes of Mt Rwenzori Kilembe mines in Kasese district. The school has been hit by floods in recent times. . On 1st May 2013 and on the morning of 8th May 2014, the banks of river Nyamwamba flooded into Bulembia primary school leaving the whole area devastated. Structures were destroyed, books were washed away and nothing was left to chance by these floods. Through the help of various organisations, the school has been trying to recover. Kitabu- Buk project therefore identified this school as a target beneficiary for these materials.
The Kitabu-buk Project is a youth led organization founded by Brownie Ebal and Ameso Angela on the principle to promote quality Education. This they do by donating text books and scholastic materials to UPE and USE schools in the country, advocacy for quality Education which they do through career awareness, sensitization on the importance of Education, challenges that young people go through while at school and suggested recommendations.
In attendance were the Local Chairperson III, the chairman of the Parents Teachers Assocition and the municipal Education officer, who officiated the event. Ms. Sarah Zawedde and Hilary Kurinamanyire, Brownie Ebal, Angela Ameso who are Kitabu-Buk officials sensitized the learners.
The organization donated 815 text books and 68 mathematical sets were handed to P.7 candidates. 125 pens and other scholastic materials were also added to the list of donations. The C E.O, Miss. Brownie Ebal, officially handed over the books to the school Head Teacher, Mr. Africano.
Besides the tangible gifts, the school also received inspirational advice and sole encouragement to stay in school despite the challenges they were facing. Ms. Ameso Angela, the deputy Chief Executive Officer, told the learners about similar life experiences she had gone through, to encourage them stay in school. One of the challenges Bulembia faces is bad weather which is often accompanied by floods.
Among the solutions cited, the PTA chairman of the school urged the government to relocate the school to a more suitable location to avoid floods. Kitabu- Buk Project urged the community to start a petition and present it to the President through the Ministry of Education to have their school relocated. This would reduce the level of school drop-outs and the uncertainty associated with studying at Bulembia Primary School.
Other challenges faced by the pupils and community included; lack of school fees associated with the poor prices of coffee. The Kitabu- Buk project team advised the parents to get involved in different money-making interventions like making handcrafts so as to sell to the tourists that come to visit Kasese mines. The team also advised the children to help their parents to devise entrepreneurial activities to increase income for their families. The students were cautioned to obey and respect their parents and teachers so as to have a brighter future.
The CEO, Browni Ebal remarked, “Kitabu-Buk Project is a manifestation that the youth in Uganda are the leaders of today. We would love to thank our donors; Mrs. Sylvia Alinaitwe, Pepsi, World Vision, Dr. Eng. Cristopher Ebal, Our patron, Miss Joyce Ebal, Mk Book Publishers, Nabisunsa Girl’s School, Apple Kids Nursery School and all our individual donors and members of Kitabu-Buk Project.”
The guest of honor, The Local Chairperson III remarked, “We are honored by the kind gesture of Kitabu-Buk project that chose Bulembia Primary School as a beneficiary. We urge them to visit more schools in kasese and the Western Region. We are grateful that the youth who have founded such a young and energetic NGO are giving back to their country at large.”

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