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October 30, 2015


Kitabu-buk project is a registered youth founded NGO with the main objective of promoting quality Education. The organization which was founded by Brownie Ebal and Ameso Angela has grown to touch children’s lives in many ways more than one. The project started as an initiative by Brownie and Angela, ambassadors at “A world At School”, a UN project launched by the UN secretary General Ban KI Moon and the UN Special envoy for Global Education, Gordon Brown to promote the MDGs.

On the 19th of October 2015, the Kitabu-Buk project held donation events at Zorooma primary school and St. Charles Lwanga Secondary school in Kanungu district. The guest of honor was Mrs. Sylvia Alinaitwe, the Finance Director National Water and Sewerage Corporation.  Zorooma Primary school was handed 869 text books, 125 pens, 12 packets of pencils, a dozen rubbers and learning letters for lower primary.  Primary seven pupils received 42 mathematical sets in preparation for their Primary Leaving Examinations. St. Charles Lwanga received 268 text books to better their learning experience.

In addition to the scholastic donations, Officials from Kitabu-Buk Project engaged the audience which comprised of the District officials, school officials, parents, and students in sensitization program.  The sessions comprised 3 topical areas: the importance of education, challenges faced by stakeholders, and solutions.

The sessions were spearheaded by Sarah Zaweede, Hillary Kurinamanyire, Angela Ameso, and Brownie Ebal, who are all Kitabu-Buk officials.  During the interactions, students shared the benefits of education as a key to success, a window of hope and opportunity, and shapes children to be outstanding citizens of this country. Grievances that were noted include: lack of scholastic materials, domestic violence, bullying, early pregnancies, lack of school fees and disrespect for teachers by students.

The CEO, Miss Brownie Ebal took the learners through a session which included identifying the solutions to the above challenges. Kitabu-Buk Project tacked the problem of lack of scholastic materials through availing some textbooks and other materials to the students.  The students were encouraged to keep on believing in themselves and be self-confident so as to achieve their dreams despite bullying. The parents were also urged to resolve conflicts with their children through peaceful dialogue rather than physical attacks. The ladies were cautioned to stay in school and focus on their education in order to reduce having early sexual encounters. They were also told to abstain from sex and protect themselves from HIV. The students were told to respect all their elders so as to prosper in future. They were urged to find suitable mentors so as to have goals and vision for their lives.

The Chief Executive Officer, Kitabu- Buk project, Miss Brownie Ebal remarked, “The youth can make a difference in the lives of many. Kitabu-Buk project a testimony to that. I thank all the Kitabu-Buk project members and volunteers for making this event a success. The kitabu-Buk Project family is very grateful to our sponsors for the success of this event, Ms Slyivia Alinitwe, World Vision, MK book publishers, Dr. Eng. Christopher Ebal, our patron, Mrs. Joyce Ebal, Nabisunsa Girl’s School, Apple kids Nursery school, Pepsi and individual donors for their contributions.”

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