Kitabu-Buk Project at Bukasa Primary School, Muyenga

Students of Bukasa Primary School holding a donation of books from Kitabu-Buk Project

Students of Bukasa Primary School, Muyenga in Kampala have been the eleventh beneficiary of Kitabu-Buk Project. Bukasa Primary School is a Universal Primary Education (UPE) school located in Makindye division, Bukasa parish. The school supports a total population of 708 students.

On the 5th  March 2017, students at Bukasa Primary School were over whelmed with happines when they received gifts of two hundred text books with one hundred fifty scholastic materials worth four million thirty thousand Uganda shillings ( UGX 4,030,000) from Kitabu-Buk Project. The deputy headteacher Ms. Kobusinge Jessica upon receiving the items remarked, '' Today's youth are a milestone for future development, we are very happy with what the Kitabu-Buk Project youth are doing in this country.'' The event was also graced with parents, PTA membership, and the area L.C iii, Mr. Ian Clarke who doubled as the guest of honour.

The school did not only benefit from the organization in terms of tangible materials but also got inspirational advice from the Kitabu-Buk Project officials. In attendance from the Kitabu-Buk Project was Mr. Opio David, the Logistics manager and volunteers Mr. Hilary Nkurinamanyire, Ms. Sarah Zawedde, Ms. Sgeila K and Mr. Raymond Kakande. The team took the students through a Question and Answer Session where they got to interact with the learners about the challenges they face while at school and what solutions to curb down the challenges identified.

The parents were also brought on board and asked to be interactive and involved in their children's education. ''The parents role in bringing up a child is a continous process, so you parents should get involved in your child's education'' the deputy exceutive director Kitabu-Buk Project, Ms. Angela Ameso remarked.

The Guest of Honor remarkably thanked Kitabu-Buk Project for their concern about the needs of the young and school going children. ''This is aclear manifestation that youth are tomorrow's leaders. I urge to take the smae gesture to other schools and other brothers that are needy.'' '' I am so humbled by this gesture.'' Mr. Ian concluded.

Ms. Angela with students of Bukasa Primary School

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