As part of our donation drive, Kitabu-buk project will be donating to Zoroma Primary School and St. Charles Lwanga in Kanungu district on the 19/Oct/2015 and to Bulembia Primary School in Kasese district on 20/Oct/2015.

Zoroma primary school  is a catholic founded school with a student population of 489. The school is needy as their book ratio is 1:8, that means there are 8 learners using 1 text book. The book ratio is so big as compared to other sister schools with book ratios of 1:1. During the survey study,  Mr. John Rwemarika, the school’s headteacher, informed us they needed Mathematics text books , reader series and English.

St. Charles Lwanga is also a catholic founded school  in Kanungu district. For the school, the event will be held at Zoroma at 2:00 pm since they will be having UNEB.

Similarly , Bulembia is a church founded school with a student population of 667 students and a book ratio of 1:20. This is a school that had most of its reading material washed away by the 2014 floods and they  have no books.

We remain very grateful to Ms. Sylivia Alinitwe, Finance Director National Water and Sewerage Cooperation for her generous contribution to have  enabled us impact many Children’s lives.

To continue changing children’s lives, you can donate to kitabu-buk project through acc No. 0043631001, Acc Name Kitabu-buk Project, DTB or Mobile Money 0783109264/0774978625

Thank you!!!

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