Kitabu-buk sales

Education is a human right and an essential tool for achieving the goals of equality, development and peace. Kitabu-buk project was founded on the principle of quality Education for all. Resources allocated to education, are in many countries insufficient and in some cases have been further diminished, including in the context of adjustment policies and programmes. Such insufficient resource allocations have a long-term adverse effect on human development.

Many organizations rely on donor aid to run their activities. They do not have financial independence and can not stand on their own. They are not self sustaining . To the donor world, organizations must show sustainability before they are in position to receive further financial aid.

Kitabu-buk has a very creative work plan on how to raise money internally so as to be able to sustain its activities. There are quite a number of items that are on sale. The branded t-shirts are sold at UGX 25,000 with the African fabric and at UGX 18, 000 plain, the African kitenge is sold at UGX 60,000( 6M Piece), UGX 30,000 (3m piece), the  wrist bracelets UGX 5,000  and UGX 3,000.  

Branded Kitabu-buk t-shirt with the African design at UGX 25,000


ASSORTED AFRICAN FABRIC AT UGX 60,000(6meters) & UGX 30,000 (3meters)


KITABU-BUK Project has also been involved in various fundraisers like the movie fundraiser where each person contributes an extra amount of UGX 4000 upon purchasing a ticket, the dinners, the book drive, car wash were all activities that were targeted towards raising money to sustain the organization.

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